【PowerPCB 4.0 新增功能介绍】
    申请PowerPCB 4.0 最新版 说明:由Innoveda公司推出的功能强大的PCB设计软件,这是最新版本。
  1. Incereased Database Layers - PowerPCB's layer definiton features have been enhanced to include a default layer mode and an increased layer mode.


  2. Integration of CAM350's DFF Audit - CAM350's DFF Audit module has been integrated into PowerPCB's design environment.

    提供与CAM350之连结,在CAM350 DFF之检查功能中,可在Power PCB端看到其 检查到之错误.


  3. Trace Length Monitor - PowerPCB now incorporates a trace length monitor to display trace length information to the designer during routing operations.

    可在拉线的同时于萤幕上秀出该线段目前的总长度为多少. 若有High Speed规则设定检查此Option功能,该线段长度若超出原本设定之长度, 则长度数据显示会立即变色,以示警告. 

  4. Free Vias (a.k.a. stitching Vias) - PowerPCB now has the capability to add free vias on the fly to a printed circuit board.


  5. Support for Slotted Holes - PowerPCB now provides support for slotted holes in PCB footprints.

    Drill 可直接设定成椭圆孔及方形孔.不需要用重叠或标示的方式作.

  6. Pin Limit Increase - The number of pins allowed for a component has been significantly increased.

    单一 零件最大PIN数可到达 32,000 PINS. 

  7. Expanded OLE Automation - PowerPCB 4.0 includes new automation capabilities to access objects within PowerPCB design files. New automation objects include. polylines, net class, circle, text and labels, drawing objects and library items.

    新增 OLE 的物件存取能力, EX : polylines, net class....等.

  8. New minimun distance measuring tools - New measuring tools can measure the minimum distances between nets to other nets and objects to other objects.

    可测量任意两不规则物体间之最小距离. EX : Item to Item, Net to Item, Net to Net.

  9. Display colors 增加为 32 色.

  10. 可直接增加或降低 layout 层面.